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Other DSHS/CPS Lawsuits

The attorneys at PCVA have successfully litigated claims against DSHS and CPS many times. Here are some of the notable cases we’ve won for our clients.

  • R.R. v State of Washington DSHS – $3,000,000 Settlement
    Great result for our client, R.R. $3,000,000 settlement with DSHS for years of repeated rape and child sexual abuse at the hands of her abuser, the father of her 2 children. CPS had many chances to intervene in her horror story, but neglected to follow their own procedures. Even after her abuser kidnapped her during CPS’ involvement, the agency failed to contact law enforcement or otherwise take action. As a result, she was raped and abused for over a decade while living in hiding throughout Idaho and Utah.
  • Aba Sheikh v King County, WA DSHS
    $10.3 million jury verdict against DSHS, a $4.5 million settlement against King County, & over $300,000 in settlement from a store owner for a teenage boy who suffered brain damage when beaten by violent foster boys at a gas station.
  • Ravenell v DSHS – $2,100,000 Settlement for DSHS Negligence
    DSHS failed to investigate allegations of abuse reported by a father in mother’s home.  3-year old boy, Michael Kekoa Ravenell, was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend, who DSHS failed to learn from its own computer database was a chronic abuser of children.
  • Jane Doe III v DSHS – $995,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment
    Western State Hospital supervisor sexually harasses employee.  Recovery prompts the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to revamp its sexual-harassment policies and training.  PCVA can keep your case confidential and protect both your privacy…and your rights. Please contact one of our attorneys today if you feel you have a similar case and we’d be happy to have a confidential conversation about your legal options.
  • Huffer v DSHS – $550,000 Settlement for a child who was sexually abused as a result of negligent CPS investigation.
  • Moore v DSHS – $400,000 Settlement for a child beaten to death by foster parents; negligent placement, failure to investigate.

Rekhter v. DSHS Lawsuit for Washington State In-Home Care Providers

Welcome to the Rekhter v. State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services lawsuit web site. This site is intended to inform our current clients and members of the class involved of what is happening with the lawsuit. In December 2010, we represented 33,000 people in a lawsuit against the State of Washington. The jury ruled in our favor and awarded over $57,000,000 in damages. Since then, we secured an additional $35,000,000 in post-judgment interest, bringing the current total value to over $92,000,000. The State has chosen to appeal the case. There is still a long battle ahead to get the recovery the judge and jury have awarded.

We represent over 33,000 people in Washington State

We represent over 33,000 people in Washington State

Class Action Attorneys

We are experienced Seattle and Tacoma trial lawyers with a long history of large verdicts against State and local government entities, big businesses and people who have caused our clients harm.  Our attorneys have dedicated their lives to helping people who have been severely injured or damaged by others. More often than not, those injuries and damages have been caused by businesses, government agencies and people who have abused their power.

I have been practicing law for 19 years and tried dozens of cases against the State, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, big businesses, insurance companies and people who have hurt my clients.  I am a strong advocate for the rights of those with developmental disabilities, children and the vulnerable adults in our society.  From sexual abuse injuries to nursing home and medical malpractice, and other cases, I have a record of extraordinary settlements and verdicts for my clients.  I am well known among defense lawyers as a strong advocate who will not back down from a fight.

If you have a legal issue, from car accidents to malpractice or abuse claims, please feel free to pick up the phone and call me.  I am your lawyer and here to answer your questions.  There is no fee for calling.

Class Counsel

PCVA served as trial counsel on Rekhter v. DSHS, teaming up with the law firm Livengood, Fitzgerald & Alskog.  Rekhter resulted in a $54 million jury verdict on behalf of home care providers and a final judgment of nearly $100 million against the State.  You may contact LFA Law by calling (425) 822-9281 or email at info@lfa-law.com.