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DSHS Now Making Full and Final Payment of Judgment

DSHS Now Making Full and Final Payment of Judgment

As we told you in earlier updates, the state legislature has been debating a supplemental budget bill which includes full payment of the money you are owed in this case, as well as the costs of responding to and recovering from last year’s Carlton Complex wildfires and the Oso landslide, whose victims PCVA is also proud to represent.  In a remarkably quick turnaround, the legislature passed that bill.  Yesterday, Governor Inslee signed that bill into law, effective immediately.

With this quick funding action by the legislature, DSHS has now initiated full and final payment of the roughly $85 million it owes to the court-appointed claims administrator, Gilardi & Co., who will be mailing a check to you for the amounts you are owed.  The calculations for how much each of you will get are still being worked out, but this important final step by the State means you are close to receiving your checks.  We will update you as soon as Gilardi sets a date for beginning to mail out your checks.

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