Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in the trial?

The case went to trial on November 29, 2010.  It took 3 weeks to try the case, and on December 21, 2010, the jury came back with a $57,000,000 verdict for the class of 22,000 plaintiffs.  The jury found that DSHS broke its contract with the care providers by failing to honor its duty of good faith and fair dealing.

Does that mean the lawsuit is over and we are getting money soon?

No. The law allows the defendants to appeal the verdict, and the state has declared that it will appeal.  It will likely take anywhere between 18-40 months for the case to be totally resolved, at which time the claims process will begin.

Is there a chance now that the State will offer to settle the case sooner?

Yes. The judge has encouraged both sides to consider the risks of losing on appeal.  The State has recently approached us about discussing a settlement of the case.  We will keep you updated on when talks start.

I was an in-home care provider between 2003 and 2008 and I believe I may be entitled to financial recovery. How can I make sure I will be considered?

Once the case is fully resolved, the court will order a claims process to begin.  If you believe you are a class member, you will be asked to submit a form and some form of documentation to the court-ordered claims administrator.  You should make sure you obtain provider numbers, client numbers, summary statements of hours and time cards if you have them.  We can check the database of names to verify whether you are on it. This process has not yet begun, so right now, you don’t need to do anything.  Check back regularly and keep an eye out and ear open for news about this case.

What is the status of this case?

We recommend you go over to our News/Updates page, where you’ll find the most recent update.