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Payment Update #3

Payment Update #3

We are writing to update you with information that we received just today regarding the court-ordered calculation and verification process for your payments.  In June, because it was required by the court in this case, notice was mailed out to all 22,000 class members by the court appointed settlement administrator, Gilardi & Co., to verify the identities and current addresses of class members and to ensure that every single person entitled to a portion of these funds receives them.  Later that month, Gilardi provided financial information to the certified public accountant (CPA) hired by the court to calculate each class member’s portion of the judgment.

We were notified today that the CPA has finished his calculations and provided them to Gilardi.  As required by law, Gilardi now must audit those calculations itself and make sure they are correct before being able to provide you with the finalized amount of your payment and to begin mailing checks.  We have made sure that Gilardi understands that the class members have been waiting a long time for their payments, and Gilardi has assured us that the audit will occur as quickly as possible.

We will let you know when you may contact Gilardi to request the amount of the payment you will be receiving.  You can contact Gilardi at 1-877-308-5024  or through the following website:  We wish we could provide you with the amount of your payment ourselves, but we do not have access to that information as part of this court-mandated process.  We will also let you know as soon as Gilardi provides us with a definite date for your checks being mailed to you.

Were it up to us, you would have received your payments long ago.  We understand your need for the wages wrongfully withheld from you by the State, and we have battled through delay tactic after delay tactic by the State to make your recovery happen as soon as possible.  Ultimately, however, the law requires—especially with so many class members and tens of millions of dollars—many accounting and audit safeguards before Gilardi can distribute the money so that the distribution is done fairly, efficiently, and correctly.  In other words, the legal requirements are designed around the idea of “do it right, do it once” to make the payment process as smooth and painless for you as possible.  We appreciate your patience during this process.

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