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Payment Update #4

Payment Update #4

The court-appointed claims administrator for this case, Gilardi & Co., LLC, informed us this week that it anticipates sending out your payments by the end of this month. In the meantime, we reached out to Gilardi for further information regarding the payment process and wanted to share that information with you. As you may recall from previous updates, Gilardi has been busy with a legally-required audit and finalization of the preliminary award amounts for each class member as calculated by the court-appointed certified public accountant. This audit has involved many steps, from simply double-checking and verifying the CPA’s calculations, as well as much more legally and mathematically complex steps, such as calculating employment tax withholding from each amount (as they represent wages subject to withholdings) and remitting the total withholdings to the State. We have been assured that Gilardi has a team of tax professionals and accountants working on this around the clock to make these calculations for each of the over 22,000 class members.

We will let you know when you may contact Gilardi to request the amount of the payment you will be receiving. You can contact Gilardi at 1-877-308-5024 or through the following website: We appreciate the privilege of representing you and your patience during this process.

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