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Payment Update #5

Payment Update #5

As you know from previous updates, we were informed by the court-appointed claims administrator for this case, Gilardi & Co., LLC, that it anticipated sending out your payments by the end of August.  When it became apparent this would not happen, we immediately contacted Gilardi on your behalf for an explanation.

After speaking with Gilardi representatives, it appears that the final claims administration steps are almost complete.  It look longer than Gilardi expected to get the fund set up within the State of Washington for paying the employment taxes on the award.  The delay occurred in large part because the State took a long amount of time to provide Gilardi with the applicable unemployment tax rates necessary to create this fund and finalize your awards. Gilardi has now received the unemployment tax rate last week and will be sending all the tax rates (State and federal) to the Department of Social and Health Services for review.  Once reviewed, Gilardi will be requesting the amount needed from the Department of Social and Health Services for the employer share of the employment taxes.  By law, Gilardi cannot disburse funds to class members until these steps are completed.  Settlement payments will be disbursed from Gilardi within days of receiving the funds necessary to cover the employer share of the employment taxes.

As we have said earlier, were it up to us, you would have your checks long ago. Unfortunately, the law imposes many requirements before such a large fund can be disbursed to so many people.  The process of meeting these requirements is largely driven by the State coordinating and cooperating with Gilardi to provide all necessary information so that Gilardi can complete the legal steps necessary to issue your checks.  We can assure you that we are exerting the maximum amount of pressure possible to ensure these things occur in a timely manner, to express our (and your) displeasure when delays occur, and to impress on the State and Gilardi the necessity of resolving delays as soon as possible.  We appreciate your continued patience.

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